Testimonials from my clients...

Raven's Book and Workshop:


Back to Balance: Heal Your Spine, Heal Your Life!


(formerly released as Get Your Low Back on Track: 30 Days to a Healthier Spine)


"Your book is fabulous! I love your down-to-earth, encouraging, compassionate voice -- it feels as if you are a warm friend/teacher helping readers through their issues and their transformation!  The level of anatomical detail is just right... each chapter is very digestible."

-- T. Weinstein, Canaan, NY

"Raven’s program for my lower back pain have given me tremendous results. I had been having an acute lower back pain for almost 10 years, due to an injury, and I had just gotten used to the pain. After taking the workshop with Raven, I have actually alleviated the pain and can live my life more fully now. I never would have believed this possible just a few months ago. She paces every session very well to cater to the needs of everyone. The sessions have brought a great deal of discipline to my life.

-- Aadil K., Waltham, MA

"I have already noticed less back/neck/shoulder pain at work. I also LOVE how you showed me how to alter my yoga practice to suit my knee-pain needs- I can do the same exercises with minor adjustments so my knees are not compromised. I feel great! I truly appreciate how you listen to your students and are proactive in making the yoga experience better for your students."

-- Grace P., Roslindale, MA




Yoga for healing from Cancer and Surgery


I have been in occasional workshops and weekly yoga classes with Raven for seven years. I began several months after I had had three abdominal surgeries and had finished three weekly rounds of chemo monthly over a seven-month period.


In the past, I had been in aerobics classes for over 10 years. Also, I had tried two other yoga classes.


When I began with Raven, it had been awhile since I had been in any classes. I was weak, scared, and fearful of doing anything as physical as yoga. My body felt strange to me, particularly my scarred abdomen.



I remember the first time I did a yoga pose on my stomach. I wasn’t afraid. With Raven, I understood I didn’t have to do the pose at all or I could do it with any modifications I wanted or needed. While doing the pose, I felt so moved - grateful for my body, spirit, and practice. I marveled that my body was healing and growing stronger.


In yoga class I found such safety, acceptance, caring, guidance, and mastery from my teacher and eventually myself. Frequently, I would weep with joy and with feeling so present, grateful, and OK during the end-of-class relaxation.


Seven years later I continue to heal and grow stronger and even a little wiser. I am blessed with a wonderful teacher and good health.


Karen K., Roslindale, MA

Raven's Yoga Sessions (Private and Group)


In an era of “trendy yoga”, Raven is the real deal – yoga grounded in a spiritual practice, and it’s not about competing for the “best” pose, it’s about listening to your body. I love the mood Raven creates, her attention to detail, the pace -- she's never in a rush.
-- Sandi H. – Singer-songwriter, Cambridge, MA

The impact that Raven's classes has had on my life is twofold.  First, it has helped me to control my problem with nausea, which is something that neither my specialist nor any of the medications he prescribed could do.  Second, it has made me feel more at home in my body, like it is more in sync with me and capable of doing what I ask it to do.
-- Gretchen G., Los Angeles, CA


"Raven has a warm, welcoming style that immediately made me feel comfortable when I started. Her passion for yoga and other pratices, and her genuineness about helping other people, are very evident." -Ally H.


"Raven’s program helped me feel energized and flexible! I started working with Raven because I was 42 years old and felt like I was 70. I was having difficulty standing up straight after sitting for an extended period of time, my hips and lower back were extremely tight and my body felt sluggish. I wanted to take some action and correct this problem before it got any worse. I was too young to be so stiff! I appreciated how Raven really listened to what was going on for me and put together a series of yoga postures that were tailor made for me! Over the course of our time together, the program grew and changed. Raven seemed to know just what to add or take away. She was very attentive to my individual needs! It was also fun to incorporate different breathing exercises and aryvedic practices into the sessions.

After doing the program she created for me, I felt energized, flexible and had no problems going form sitting to standing. I found a new awareness in my body and now I am able to adjust what I need. I can incorporate the poses she taught me into my day when I need them. My hips and lower back feel great! I noticed that before, when my hips and back were tight, I felt drained and sluggish. Now that they are open and the energy is flowing freely, I have much more energy and am much more active. I am even back in the gym and working out 5 times a week!

-- Leah Shapiro, Boston's Wisdom Coach, www.defythebox.com


"Raven’s teachings help me stay calm in my daily life! Taking yoga has been one of the best things I have ever decided to do. Raven is such a great teacher. She is very helpful before, during and after class. She makes you feel comfortable even if you are not doing a pose quite right. She always takes extra time to assist the class members with specific needs. Yoga has been a really important addition to my busy schedule. I feel so good at the end of the class, it is very relaxing. I find myself using some of the yoga in my usual daily routines. The breathing exercises are most helpful.
-- Laurie S.-- Registered Nurse, Boston, MA

"Thanks to Raven I’m back to exercising regularly. Raven’s yoga classes have allowed me to get back in touch with my body after being physically inactive for awhile. It is encouraging me to return  to exercise and more importantly to incorporate exercise into my lifestyle. I really do practice breathing properly and using it to relieve stress. As I go about my day, many times I automatically stop and realign and adjust my body in the ways I have learned in class. Raven, your class is awesome! Keep it up. I love the balance of breathing, stretching, medication and I love the subtle spirituality and the reading at the close of class.
-- Anne Marie D. – College Adminstrator, Boston, MA

Raven's class provides both the meditative and physical benefits of yoga in a challenging but non-judgmental format.

-- Carol W. – Cancer Researcher

Your classes are holistic and I can feel the changes in my body, mind and spirit as a result. You are a respectful, gentle open minded teacher. The class has been life-altering for me.
-- Joan D. – Test Engineer

I have been doing yoga off and on for years and I especially like the gentle pace of your class. I come more consistently than any other class I have ever taken and I think it's because no matter how tired I am at the end of the workday, I know that I will enjoy your class.
-- M.E.S. – Transportation Planner

I love the yoga classes for stress relief and calming. I have become more centered and my back feels much better. Thank you.
-- Emily E. – Teacher/Physical Therapist

Raven's classes have opened me up to improvement in so many areas of my life. I don't only benefit physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
-- Rose D. – Hairstylist/Massage Therapist


More comments from students:


 "I feel [so much] more comfortable in my body... less restricted; the achiness is gone... so is the nausea! Before I began taking yoga with Raven, I was strong, but I was also very inflexible.  I had been a runner for 8 years, and all that pounding was really taking its toll on my body.  I could go out for a ten-mile run, but I could hardly touch my toes.  I was also having a very serious issue with nausea.  The problem was physiological, but the triggers were emotional to some extent.

Now I feel so much more comfortable in my body!  The achiness is gone, and my strength is now complemented with improved flexibility.  I feel like my motion is less restricted now.  And my problem with nausea has dramatically improved.  So has my posture, which has been an ongoing issue for me my entire life.  And the best part: class was such a joy!  It always felt like my Tuesday night B-12 shot!  Raven's warmth heats the entire yoga studio!


"I appreciate the light-hearted atmosphere that you bring especially for new yogis who might feel a little uncomfortable."

"Raven, You are a fantastic instructor. I have referred many people to your beginner yoga classes in West Rox...I look forward to the challenge
 and stress relief every week."

"I love your classes! I am more peaceful and limber. I have access to breathing awareness for stress management now. I feel you enjoy teaching and you create a safe, fun, and inviting environment."

"The class is relaxing and grounding and I always feel good when I leave! Raven's manner is calm and relaxing. Class is welcoming and
completely non-threatening."

"I really appreciate your acknowledgement that everyone is at a different level, with different needs and sore spots. Your continual support for adapting the poses makes the class even more relaxing and helpful."

"I have feet problems and several people suggested I do yoga for stretching activity. I think it has helped and it is my time to take for myself. I feel that it is a commitment I made for me."

"Raven's classes are warm and welcoming. We strike a nice balance in meditation and poses, which I find most in keeping with my yoga style. The focus is on what each of us can gain from our time together, and while we follow our paths, we build a nice little community!"

"I love your reminders during class to focus on awareness of what is going on inside. I have tried a couple of classes with two other teachers since starting with you but appreciate your slow relaxed pace and focus on breathwork. You are very attuned to our different abilities and are equally encouraging of all students regardless of level of mastery."

Begin from Within: Reclaiming Your Creative Self


"This was a wonderful soul searching exploration... Raven gave us a tool box to help excavate our creative souls. We explored outside sources and inner wisdom to develop a physical, mental and spiritual awakening that created an inner shift over the course of the class. We risked exposure to peel back layer after layer of our outer shells to reveal the pearls of wisdom buried inside.

I looked forward to every single Monday night to “come in for a landing,” which was Raven’s term for comfortably settling in and slowing down for our soul search.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but wanted to discover a way to help unblock my natural creative soul’s passion. In this small, intimate workshop of wonderful, warm women we danced, sang, chanted, meditated, colored with crayons and markers, celebrated and created and just had fun. We learned to use anger as a tool to create change.

We did lots of exercises to help us blast through blocks and fears and free ourselves to live our passion. Raven called a lot of the work, “Living Yoga” and every week she offered something unique and joyful. Nightly, she read sacred quotations or poems that resonated with all of us on this soul journey."

-- Mary L.

"I got so much out of the class. It was hard when it ended because I felt a deep connection to all in the group. I feel new hope and excitement not just for my creative possibilities, but also for my overall life possibilities. It allowed me to see that I can make a choice to step off the hamster wheel of life and take time to enjoy what I love. THIS is what our great creator wants for us after all. Taking time to experience things you love can be achieved in small daily changes."

— Tricia M.