Corporate Workshops & Seminars


Stress-less: Practical tools for stress relief in the workplace


Stress is bad for your health, makes you feel like hell and severly impairs your ability to make clear, rational and productive decisions.


Stress does not discriminate -- it effects everyone at one time or another or you may be experiencing stress on an ongoing basis. There is no place for it in today's competitive marketplace and yet, no one is exempt from it or it's effects.


Many of our instructors spent years in the corporate sector and are quite familiar with the pressures of a desk and phone job. We have a great deal of wisdom, tools and techniques to help your staff feel better, work better and be happier! Come prepared to be entertained.


Desk and Chair Yoga Clinic


This workshop focuses specifically on the physical -- simple yoga stretches and tricks anyone can modify for their use. Learn how to make your desk and chair your friend as you move the body in a healing way. Take small breaks without leaving your workspace and feel better at the end of your day!


All workshops and seminars are generally one hour in length, but they can be extended and tailored to meet your company's specific needs.

Please call or email Boston Wellness Center directly about booking and availability.

On-Site Corporate Yoga Classes


Corporate Yoga Classes


These classes develop a loyal following and the participants are able to build a regular weekly practice for themselves. Classes are customized to the group's needs as the instructor gets to know them better over time.


Classes are typically "mixed level" - starting at a beginner's pace -- and are held weekly or twice per week, in one-hour in length sessions. The end of day classes (5PM) are most popular, but lunch time classes (12 noon) are also very convenient.


We bring in music and a small sound system as well as yoga straps. The facility or individuals are responsible for providing their own mats, towels, blocks, blankets, as they see fit.  There must be a free room, usually a conference room, that is appropriate and cleared of furniture. We can arrange for yoga props to be purchased in bulk discount from our supplier.


Please email for times, teacher availability and rates.


Community Yoga Class Descriptions

Restorative Yoga:


Join us for a nurturing and relaxing journey into movement, meditation, breathing and supported poses. We use chairs and props to experience a deeper release in asana. There is an extra long savasana period with a guided visualization.

This class is suitable for any shape, size, age (adults only please) or level – beginners welcome. Injuries and most medical conditions can be accommodated; please inform the instructor of your situation. If you feel more comfortable using your own blanket and/or pillow/cushion, feel free to bring them.


Our instructors are all experienced Yoga Instructors and/or Yoga Therapists. Some are also trained in other healing modalities, such as Reiki Master. This class is currently offered in Westwood, MA.


Gentle Kripalu Yoga
(and Beginners Yoga for Adults)


This class is great for beginners or seasoned yogis and yoginis who want to get back to the basics and deepen their practice. Raven keeps it fun and accessible, helping you to calm the mind while rejuvenating, stretching and strenghtening the body. The focus is on coordinating breath with movement and "building" postures from the ground up. Bring your own yoga sticky mat.


There are mats on site, but it's more sanitary to have your own -- we have blocks, blankets, cushions and straps on site. These classes are offered in West Roxbury, MA and during the summer in Westwood, MA.



Chair Yoga for Everybody


Chair yoga is not just for seniors or elders -- it gives quite a workout to the core abdominal muscles and is a great way to keep fit even if you have knee and hip issues -- great for re-habbing from orthopedic surgery. Some standing may be involved, using the back of the chair for support.

Group Yoga Therapy Descriptions


Wheelchair and Limited Mobility Yoga Program


This is a fun and inviting program for seniors and the elderly, and anyone with limited mobility who is rehabilitating from surgery or injury. We combine simple yoga movements and stretches to a soundtrack of popular tunes from yesteryear. There is a particular emphasis on deep, deliberate breathing and coordinating movement with breath. When the participants get tired, they can sing along.


These classes have been a fantastic addition to nursing homes, assisted living and senior centers in the Boston and Greater Boston, MA areas. Alzheimer's and Parkinson's patients have been shown to respond strongly to yoga therapy combined with the music.


This program can be tailored to any age group or population that has challenging limitations or devices and special equipment considerations.